Swing Announces Positive Early Results from Specialty Fibromyalgia Clinic 

By Nicole Villeneuve

Published November 16, 2023

This week, Swing announced early outcomes from Swing Care, a specialty clinic dedicated to comprehensive, evidence-based fibromyalgia treatment. The results were presented at the American Society of Regional Anesthesia and Pain Medicine (ASRA) annual meeting, November 10-11.  

The retrospective cohort analysis assessed early results on clinical outcomes and satisfaction from patients who received virtual care for fibromyalgia from Swing Care. The personalized care plans combined non-opioid pharmacological and non-drug approaches, which could include Stanza, an FDA-cleared prescription digital behavioral therapy for treatment of fibromyalgia symptoms. 

After one month of care, 65% of the patients reported improvement in their well-being (any improvement on Patient Global Impression of Change (PGIC)). The response rate increased to ≥75% among patients who received 2 and 3 months of care.

“As the first specialty clinic specific to fibromyalgia management, we’re able to combine condition-specific care with novel, evidence-based treatments like Stanza’s digital behavioral therapy,” said Dr. Andrea Chadwick, Medical Director at Swing Care. “The evidence from this cohort of patients supports that this patient-centered approach leads to meaningful improvements in such a complex disease.”

Improvements were also shown on fibromyalgia severity (measured by the Revised Fibromyalgia Impact Questionnaire (FIQ-R) and pain intensity. All patients consistently reported that they were satisfied with their overall medical care experience at the virtual clinic across the 90 days.

The full publication can be accessed at: 

Swing Care was opened in 2022 to increase access to evidenced-based, comprehensive treatment for patients living with fibromyalgia. Clinical care protocols were developed by Medical Director Dr. Andrea Chadwick, a globally recognized expert in fibromyalgia care. It offers services throughout Illinois, Tennessee and Texas. For more information visit

Stanza Digital Behavioral Therapy Reduces Cost of Fibromyalgia Care

Swing also presented data from an economic evaluation of Stanza, the smartphone-based digital therapeutic. 

Undermanaged fibromyalgia profoundly impacts patients’ medical needs, as demonstrated in a baseline analysis of the published literature. The analysis established the annual cost of care for an average fibromyalgia patient to be 3 times that of a matching non-fibromyalgia patient, corresponding to $11,000 higher healthcare spending by the payers. 

This baseline analysis also revealed that an average employee with fibromyalgia misses ~20 more work days annually than someone without the disorder, resulting in an additional $5,000 in spending in lost productivity. 

The economic evaluation demonstrated considerable cost savings with the implementation of Stanza. Clinical trial data on Stanza demonstrated an average improvement of 29% on FIQ-R, leading to an estimated annual healthcare utilization savings of $4,740 (30% reduction from baseline) and $2,087 (42% reduction from baseline) on missed work.

The full publication can be accessed at: 

Stanza, an FDA-cleared digital therapy for treatment of fibromyalgia symptoms, is now available by prescription. For more information visit


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