Swing Therapeutics is committed to furthering the availability of comprehensive, evidence-based digital treatments. See why we’re excited about the possibilities.

We’re exploring how to improve the treatment of chronic illness

Too many people feel frustrated by their lack of options for managing chronic health issues. Swing is working to offer people new ways to improve the management of fibromyalgia, autoimmune and chronic pain conditions with products they can use from the comfort of their home.

The power of evidence

Swing Therapeutics believes in taking a scientifically rigorous approach to clinically validate the impact of our treatments. We stand on the shoulders of ground-breaking research performed by global leaders in the field. This foundation of evidence guides our product roadmap. Our collaborations help us achieve our mission of supporting people with chronic illnesses in leading their best lives.

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Studies to support our approach

Lazaridou et al, “The Clinical Journal of Pain”, 2017

Fibromyalgia patients who underwent CBT showed reduced resting state connectivity between S1 and anterior/medial insula after treatment compared to an education control, which were concurrent with treatment-related reductions in pain catastrophizing.

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Simister et al, “Journal of Pain”, 2018

ACT delivered online showed significant improvement in fibromyalgia impact, depression and pain, compared to wait list control. Swing Therapeutics has exclusively licensed this program, and it is the foundation of our digital therapeutic in development.

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Luciano et al, “Pain”, 2014

ACT delivered in a group setting showed significant improvement in fibromyalgia impact compared to both recommended pharmacologic treatment and wait list control, with improvements maintained at six months.

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Williams et al, “Pain”, 2011

A Web-Enhanced Behavioral Self-Management program for fibromyalgia delivered online demonstrated significant improvements in pain, physical functioning, and overall global improvement compared to a wait list control.

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Luciano et al, “Journal of Pain”, 2017

ACT was less costly and more effective than recommended drugs in fibromyalgia.

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