We’re striving to improve chronic disease management

Dealing with a chronic illness like fibromyalgia is different for everyone. We are taking a layered approach to developing therapies that don't need to be used exclusively and can be used alongside medication, physical therapy and anything that adds to quality of life.

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    What is fibromyalgia?

    Fibromyalgia is a condition characterized by widespread musculoskeletal pain often accompanied by fatigue, sleep, memory and mood issues. A key mechanism behind fibromyalgia is “central sensitization” – a condition that occurs when the brain amplifies sensory input from the nervous system – similar to turning up the volume on an amplifier. Just like being easily startled, patients with central sensitization become more reactive to pain, sound, smells and other sensory experiences.

    Studies show that accessible behavioral therapies can lower pain levels, reduce prevalence of depression and anxiety, improve sleep quality, and improve overall satisfaction in life. Learn more about the evidence behind Swing’s approach to managing fibromyalgia and chronic condition.
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